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NewLogo1We provide Cash Management to protect, verify and count your money at the Point-of-Sale with real time reporting. ATS supplies cash counting and loss prevention equipment, which includes products that will count your cash, reconcile the cash, counts to the POS, prepare cash drawers and start funds, count down cash drawer at end of shift, prepare bank deposits, perform safe count and checks. Others products provide cash security at the Point of Sale offering protection against forgeries, theft (both internal and external) like shrinkage, sweet-hearting, till tapping, inaccuracies in register counts due to theft. Our products provide companies end to end cash management trail and One Touch cash handling.

Counter Cache Intelligent®

Clients in the retail, banking and leisure industries use our products to enhance security, reduce shrinkage and deliver process efficiency.

CountEasy TS

CountEasy TS

  • Fraud and theft of cash and goods represents between one and eight per cent of the retailers’ total revenues.
  • Retailers must balance tight budgetary constraints with the need to find increasingly innovative ways of protecting and generating profits.
  • Cash-driven businesses are recognizing the importance of accuracy and speed in the cash management process.