Counter Cache Intelligent®

Cash Management at its Best.

Counter Cache Intelligent
Counter Cache Intelligent 2

We provide Cash Management to protect, verify and count your money at the Point-of-Sale with real time reporting.

Using the CCi the cash touch points are slashed, reducing shrinkage and improving operational efficiencies. The CCi brings note validation, data capture and secure storage to the front line at the point of sale, allowing your cash to be processed more quickly, less expensively and more securely. Once a banknote has been deposited into the CCi, the cash does not need to be touched again until it reaches your cash center or bank.

A 2013 Retail Knowledge survey reports that retailers in North America had shrinkage amounting to 1.3% of sales translating into a massive loss of $54 billion. With Cash Management equipment and procedures in place you can protect, verify and count your money at the Point-Of-Sale. reducing the cash touch points and receiving audit control reports.

The CCi was tested in February 2009 and detected 100% of all known UK forgeries. With a JCM note validation head, this level of performance can be kept permanently up to date. The CCi captures every cash handling event and provides both live data and a full audit trail of all cash handling activity from the POS. The CCi is mounted beneath the till counter for “out of sight” secure storage and can either be networked or interrogated via a portable hand held (PDA) device. The CCi has saved individual stores over 20 cash office hours per week, eradicated cash errors, stopped forgeries with a strong ROI.

  • Increases POS security, removing the cash removes temptation of till tappers & internal shrink.
  • CounterCache intelligent® removes the need to perform time consuming till skims.
  • Streamline cash processes with an end to end, one touch solution.
  • Four way note acceptance giving speed of operation and customer flow, notes are instantly validated using 40 point optical validation technology.
  • Notes are instantly counted providing a time-stamped data log 8,000 transactions and operator events are automatically recorded giving full accountability and a complete audit trail.
  • CCi is completely configurable allowing it to be integrated easily into any retail cash flow process. Supplied with Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB or RS232 serial link it can also be linked in to POS and store network.
  • Full date access through store network or internet access via PC or PDA.